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9 Tips To Maintain Your Rug (Infographic)


When you find the perfect rug, you never want to give it up. Rugs can sometimes seem like more of an investment than a piece of home decor. That's way it is so important to take care of your rug. Here are 9 tips to help maintain your rug.

9 tips to maintain your rug infographic

Tip 1 - Know Your Rug

What kind of yard is your rug made out of? What kind of backing does your rug have? This is important since different material needs to be taken care of differently. Knowing your rug and what it's made of is crucial to knowing how to properly take care of your rug.

Pay special attention to any special instructions from your manufacturer.

Tip 2 - Rotate Your Rug

Rugs tend to be placed in high-traffic area. This can cause them to get worn in certain areas more easily. Rotating your rugs is similar to rotating the tires on your car. It helps to evenly distribute wear and tear, allowing the fabric to last longer.

Consider having multiple rugs to rotate in the same space if traffic is particularly high where the rug is placed.

Tip 3 - Schedule Regular Professional Cleanings

Professional rug cleaning is the best way to ensure a long life for your rug. Professional rug cleaners are training to assess your rugs makeup and tailor their cleaning to your rug's specific needs. Because of that, professionals can reverse a lot of the damage that happens throughout the life of your rug.

Tip 4- Avoid The Sun

Direct sunlight can affect your rugs beautiful colors and dyes, causing them to fade. By limiting your rugs exposure to sunlight, you're ensuring that the colors on your rug will last longer.

A simple way to help avoid direct sunlight is by keeping blinds closed when not in the room. However, you may sometimes want to go as far as rearranging your room to keep your rug outside of the range of direct sunlight.

Tip 5 - Manage Shedding

Stray strands and loops will occasionally happen with almost any rug. Avoid the call to pull on those loops. Instead, cut them back to size and then leave them alone.

Tip 6 - Protect Your Rug From Furniture

Use protectors on the feet of furniture to prevent large divots or damage to your rug. Before you place furniture on your rugs, make sure that the legs are clean.

Tip 7 - Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your rug regularly is one of the most important things to do to maintain your rug. Vacuuming about every other week is ideal. Make sure that your vacuum's height setting is properly set for your rug. I vacuum set too low can damage a rug with a higher pile.

Tip 8 - Remove Pet Hair

Pet hair can seemingly stick to rugs tenaciously. However, there are several effective tools to help remove pet hair such as a carpet brush, carpet rake, or even a standard squeegee. Removing pet hair can sometimes feel tedious, but removing pet hair helps keep your rug dirt and dander free.

Tip 9 - Stain and Spill Triage

Stains and spills happen, and reacting to them quickly is important. Quickly blot up spills using a clean cloth. Be careful not to rub spill since this can push the spill deeper into the rug, making to more difficult to remove. Scrape up semi-solid spills with a thin spoon and vacuum it up as it dries.