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Back-to-School Cleaning Tips

Aug 16, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, General Cleaning Tips

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Back to School, Back to Clean

As the summer winds down and the familiar hustle and bustle of the back-to-school season approach, households in North Lake Tahoe, Reno, and surrounding areas prepare for another academic year. Transitioning from summer adventures to school routines can be a tad overwhelming, but a fresh, organized home can make a world of difference. Here are six comprehensive cleaning tips to set your home (and your family) up for success:

1. Re-organize Study Areas and Desks: 

A cluttered study area is a barrier to productivity. Begin by decluttering the desk and surrounding areas. Remove outdated notes, broken stationary, and unneeded supplies. Invest in aesthetically pleasing organizers that can make study time appealing. This fresh environment can motivate and create a focused atmosphere for homework and studies.

2. Prep the Mudroom and Entryways

Think of these areas as the frontlines of defense against outdoor mess. As the central drop-off point for backpacks, shoes, and coats, it’s essential to ensure easy organization. Incorporate labeled bins for each family member or designate specific hooks for bags. Once a week, make it a routine to sanitize these areas to ward off germs and bacteria that may hitch a ride home.

3. Rotate and Revitalize Wardrobes

Clothes can significantly contribute to clutter. Transition away from summer wear by storing them in sealed bins or donating outgrown items. Later in the year, as you reintroduce colder weather wear, consider lavishing them with a fabric refresher. Not only does this keep the clothes fresh, but it also makes mornings smoother with everything ready to wear.

4. Kitchen and Pantry Deep Dive

With packed lunches and quick breakfasts, the kitchen will see a lot of traffic. Start by clearing out expired items from the pantry. Group food items in clear bins or use turntables for easy access. Dedicate a shelf for school snacks and lunchbox items so that even in a morning rush, everything is within reach.

5. Establish a Holistic Cleaning Routine

Consistency is key. Instead of sporadic cleaning sessions, set up a weekly routine. Make it a family affair with everyone having assigned tasks. Not only does this lessen the burden on one individual, but it also instills a sense of responsibility in younger members.

6. Bring in the Professionals with Chem-Dry of Lake Tahoe

Personal efforts make a significant impact, but there are times when only a professional touch will suffice. For deep-seated dirt in carpets, stubborn stains on upholstery, or that overall fresh home ambiance, Chem-Dry of Lake Tahoe has your back. With our eco-friendly and advanced cleaning techniques, we ensure a deep clean without compromising the safety of your family. Our unique approach is tailored for the homes of North Lake Tahoe and Reno, ensuring optimal results. View the rest of our cleaning services here!

In conclusion, as we usher in another school year, it’s not just about buying new school supplies or setting academic goals. The environment at home plays a pivotal role in our young learners’ overall well-being and success. A clean, organized space is more than just aesthetics; it’s about fostering productivity, tranquility, and health.

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Now, here’s a thought: Why not gift your home that special touch? With seasons changing and life getting busier, ensure your home remains a sanctuary. A call to Chem-Dry of Lake Tahoe can make all the difference. Dive into the school year with a refreshed home, and let us be your partner in maintaining its beauty and cleanliness. 

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